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                                             Am./Can. Ch. Apple Acres Odyssey Armani, ROM, ROMC

                          Am./Can. Ch. Apple Acres Expedition, ROM, ROMC

                                             Ch. Trevanne Dominique, ROM

             Am./Can. Ch. Grandgables Carmylie Deja Blue

                                             Ch. Prinhill Jazzbo, ROM

                          Carmylie Bi Mystique, ROMC

                                             Carmylie Carrie O'Kassank

Ch. Sugar Hill 'til There Was You "Cinder"                                    

                                            Ch. Macdega Asterisk, ROM

                          Am./Can. Ch. Toven Wintertide, Am/Can. CD, ROM, ROMC

                                             Toven's Rainboh's in Spring, CGC, TDI

            Ch. Sugar Hill Poetry In Motion "Gracie"

                                            Ch. Sugar Hill Heart Breaker ROMC "Jasper"

                        Can. Ch. Sugar Hill Diamond In The Ruff "Jewel"

                                            Ch. Hobbit Shadowmere Chantilly